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Cold Chain Asset Tracker


This Reference Design was created to record time, location, and temperature data. This information is commonly required for "cold chain" applications like food and medicine, where it important to have proof that proper temperatures have been maintained throughout the transport and storage lifetime of goods.

Golioth Cold Chain Asset Tracker

The cold chain tracker reference design is capable of taking readings as frequently as once per second. Data may be cached when a network connection is unavailable, then uploaded to Golioth the next time connectivity is established.

Golioth Cold Chain Asset Tracker data shown on web console

Blog post

Read more about this project and use case on the Cold Chain Asset Tracker blog post.

Business Use Case

The concept of cold chain tracking gained worldwide recognition in 2020 when the first COVID-19 vaccines were being distributed and need to maintain ultra-cold temperatures between -90°C and -60°C (-130°F and -76°F). However, the need to maintain proper temperatures for food and medicine goes back centuries.

Historically, temperature data has been manually collected using thermometer readings recorded on paper logs. Electronic loggers are now available, with IoT as the newest development. A cold chain tracker can confirm proper storage in real-time. This way alerts can be issued before your product becomes too hot or too cold.

Was a pallet of goods left on on the dock by mistake? A cellular-based cold chain tracker not only knows the temperature is trending in the wrong direction, but can precisely locate the goods so they can be moved to the proper temperature-controlled environment.

Official Repository

View the source code on the official repository:

This reference design is based on the Golioth Reference Design Template.

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Block Diagram

Cold Chain Asset Tracker Block Diagram

Device Photos

Cold Chain Asset Tracker overview

Cold Chain Asset Tracker side view

Parts List


Cold Chain Tracker Dashboard

The Grafana dashboard connects to the Golioth REST API to access data from the Cold Chain Tracker. GPS readings—along with temperature, pressure, and humidity data— are queried based on the time window selected in the Dashboard. This makes it simple for customers to retrieve and visualize any historic point during the cold chain, as well as data currently being received.