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Trashcan Monitor


This Reference Design exists to help municipalities, state parks, and other outdoor monitor locations monitor the level of trashcans.

Trashcan Front


This project was also described in our blog post titled IoT Trashcan Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

Business Use Case

Having a remote monitor of trashcans cuts down on the maintenance required, especially for remote locations that would be costly to check using a traditional trash truck (cost of fuel).

This Reference Design also includes other sensors onboard that could be used to help monitor locations for weather and the status of a trashcan (including orientation).

Next steps

If you're ready to take this design to the next level, a good next step would be taking the various development boards included here and creating a custom hardware implementation; this would likely include a custom PCB and maybe a different case that fits your needs in the field. The sensors and the firmware can be taken out in order to save costs, and other sensors could be included to sense different real-world data.

Official Repository

The official repository is not available to the public. Please contact [email protected] for access to this and other Golioth Reference Design Repositories.

Block Diagram

Trashcan Block Diagram

Device Photos

Side view of case closed Side view of case open

Previous revisions

When we started this project, we used hotglue and cabling, before moving to PCB based solution. This v1 shows the complexities of doing that each time you build a new prototype. Open case

Parts List


Trashcan Dashboard