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Greenhouse Controller


This Reference Design was created to provide remote monitoring and control of an industrial greenhouse.

The controller continuously monitors environmental conditions in the grow house. A set of relays interfaces with the greenhouse systems, providing cloud-based control.

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Blog post

Read more about this project and use case on the Greenhouse Controller blog post.

Business Use Case

Optimal temperature and lighting levels vary by plant/crop. Automating the grow lights and ventilation system in your greenhouse unlocks the ability to remotely tailor growing conditions for improved yields.

This Reference Design includes a temperature/pressure/humidity sensor for automated ventilation control and a light sensor for automated grow light operation. A pair of mains-rated relays interface with existing infrastructure, securely connecting those systems to Golioth.

Next steps

This reference design is a great place to start for your own proof of concept. The next step is to take the various development boards included here and create a custom hardware implementation. This includes designing a custom PCB and choosing a case that fits your needs in the field.

Official Repository

The official repository is not available to the public. Please contact [email protected] for access to this and other Golioth Reference Design Repositories.

Block Diagram

Greenhouse Block Diagram

Device Photos

Closed case interface panel Closed case relay ports Open case

Parts List


Greenhouse Controller Dashboard

The Grafana dashboard connects to the Golioth REST API to access data from the Greenhouse controller. Light intensity, temperature, pressure, and humidity from the greenhouse are all graphed. The current settings for automatic control and thresholds are shown, as well as the current state of the grow light and ventilation controls.